You can acquire a Pran by completing a series of quests. When your character reaches level 7 a quest becomes available through Captain Marks Rummenigge at the Flour Mill.

As ordered by Max rummenigge, go to Ellin Maria at the Pra Station, you will receive the 1st quest to acquire a Pran.
You have to collect some items to complete this 1st quest. After completing this quest, you will receive the 2nd quest.

In the 2nd quest, you first have to choose between elements of Water, Fire and Air and upon completion,
you will acquire a Pran of according element. You will first have to name your Pran to let it come to life.

You have to feed your Pran and keep the Satisfaction above certain level.
If the Satisfaction drops below the level, she will constantly complain that she is hungry and,
if she can bear no more, she will become weak or return to Pran Station in worst case.

[Effects of Low Satisfaction]
– Pran’s HP and MP will not recover automatically.
– Pran will not be able to cast skills
– If Pran has reached its limit, she will return to Pran Station
Pran likes sweets and the food you feed to your Pran will also affect her personality.
Pran’s food can be purchased from Djemba.
Fresh Apple A bit greenish fresh apple
Pumpkin Pie Sweet and warm pie made out of pumpkins from Vogels Farm
Max Lasagna Tasty looking, golden brownish lasagna
Salted Broi
Mushroom cooked over charcoal with a pinch of salt
Facion Chip Cookie Cookie with more than 30% real Facion


Pran is a curious creature always willing to learn about the world. She will ask you questions frequently but
if keep ignoring her questions, she will not help you out anymore. However, if you keep listening to her stories
and care for her, you will become intimate and she will reward you with more powerful skills and rare items.

Conversation: The fastest way to become a friend
Pran will try to communicate with you. She sometimes will tell a joke, ask a question, or be jealous
for whatever reason. When she asks you a question, you will be given choices of answers to reply.
How you answer these questions will greatly affect the personality of your Pran.
Affect of Intimacy in game play
If you become very intimate with your Pran, she will be able to use skill above her ability.

However, if the Intimacy is low, she may refuse your request to cast a spell at the important moment
or worst, leave you.

How do you want to raise your Pran?How you treat your Pran will greatly affect her Personality. Her Personality will be decided once she reaches
the Teenager stage. How she talks and behaves and her skill level will be determined by her Personality.

Pran’s Role in Combat

Prans cannot physically hurt others as it is the way AIKA created them. However, a Pran can aid the Aitan
with various Passive and Active skills. She can play a critical role in your survival
she talks and behaves and her skill level will be determined by her Personality.


Pran’s skills are learned automatically as she levels up.
You can place Pran’s skills in quick slots same as the character. Just drag and place desired skill into
quick slot of Pran.

[Water Pran]
Brave (Passive) Adds Water element to all attacks
Elemental Guard
Increases Water Resistance
Glacial Armor Increases Physical and Magic Defense for certain period
Fairy Form Transforms from human into Fairy form
Wisdom (Passive) Increases Max MP
Water Shield Generates a water barrier and absolves damage for certain period
Chilling Touch
Increases Resistance
Mana Restore Increases MP recovery rate for certain period
[Fire Pran]
Brave (Passive) Adds fire element to all attacks
Elemental Guard
Increases fire Resistance
Flame Strike Increases Physical and Magic Attack for certain period
Fairy Form Transforms from human into Fairy form
Courage (Passive) Increases Max MP
Fire Thorns Deals damage to all attacking enemies for certain period
Burning Magic Increase Skill Attack for certain period
Blaze Edge
Increases Critical
[Air Pran]
Brave (Passive) Adds Fire element to all attacks
Elemental Guard
Increases Fire Resistance
Operation Wind Increases Defense Rate for certain period
Fairy Form Transforms from human into Fairy form
Tranquility(Passive) Increases Max HP and MP
Warm Breeze Decreases MP consumption for all skills for certain period
Clement Wind
Increases HP and MP recovery rate
Serenity Sky Continuously recovers HP for certain period

I want to be unique!!Hair, costume, accessory, and doll items are available for Pran at the moment.
Customize your Pran and make her unique.