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Pran, Soul Companion with a Lasting Bond The 4th Creation of AIKA. Discover her Faith!

Pran is a fairy familiar. You can forge a lasting bonding with a Pran and she will not only a reliable partner in battle but also be your close friend. Pran evolves in 4 different stages; Fairy – Child – Teenager – Adult. Depending how you treat her, she will grow to have different personalities. One player account can forge a bond with 2 Prans maximum.

Evolution of Pran
Pran’s Information
Information of Pran
  • 1Elemental Type (Water, Air, Fire)
  • 2Evolution (Fairy, Child, Teenager, Adult)
  • 3Intimacy
  • 4Personality
  • 5Satisfaction
  • 6Hat
  • 7Glasses
  • 8Costume
  • 9Wings
  • 10Doll
  • 11Skill Info
  • 12Inventory Slots
  • 13Bag Slots