Before time began, the great goddess AIKA created the land of Arcan,a world she hoped would become a utopia for all who inhabited it.To people this gentle land, Aika fashioned the Scinic, a kind and just racewho cared for Arcan and preserved the harmony with which the Goddess had infusedtheir birth. After three centuries, however, the Scinic grew restless and disenchanted withthe complacency of their existence. The Scinic elders blamed Aika for the lack of purposewhich gnawed at the very core of their society, corrupting the goodness which lay within them.They wished only to sleep under Arcan’s fertile ground until a time in which their livescould have more meaning, a request the Goddess granted, albeit sorrowfully

Aika, in her wisdom, recognized that she had failed in her first attempt to create theperfect creatures to live in harmony on the world she had brought out of nothingness. She set out to correct her error in the genesis of the Humans, a race whoseinherent balance of good and evil would inspire the meaningful struggle which theScinic had so sorely missed in their peaceful lives.Human civilization thived, but soon Aika learned that her second creation wasalso flawed. Arcan, her first and most precious creation, was quickly becomingoverrun by Humankind’s hatred and destruction Angered and embittered by theHumansexcesses,Aika vowed to create a race which would cleanse the land of itsdefilement It was in this unhappy state that she conceived the Zereca, a race ofarbiters to act as judge, jury, and executioner for the Humans. She desperatelyimbued her third creation with fragments of her own limitless essence-the better tooverpower those whom they were destined to preserve or condemn.The Goddess released the Zereca upon Arcan.. ad prayed

Aika grew weary from her many efforts to devise a faultlessworld She watched, horrifiedas the Zereca ran bloodthirsty with power, bringingthe Humans close to extinction and forcing themto hide in fear. Filled with remorse, she realized thatthere was no hope for the Zereca, a race createdin anger, and that she must somehow shieldthe Humans from impending doom.She called upon the Great Prophet Giovanni of the Humansto command a mass exodus to the regionof Lakia. With her remaining power, she lifted Lakia andthe survivors upon it into the sky, away fromthe predations of the Zereca. Heartsick and spent,Aika fell into a deep sleep, and the fragments ofher own power within the Zereca caused them to share her slumber.

Three hundred years have passed and the Humans have prosperedupon Lakia, the land of the sky.Trouble lurks across the horizon, however, as both Aika and theZereca have begun to stir from theirrepose. The Zereca, although still in a weakened state, have alreadybegun to spread darkness overArcan in preparation for their full awakening. In response, Aikahas commissioned her own chosenemissaries among the Humans–a class known as the Aitan –toprotect their race from harm.
She has further created Pran, fairy familiars with elemental powers,to aid the Aitan.