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War of Nations

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We removed the irrelevant aspects!

We want Aika to be enjoyed by everyone; unlike others, we don’t want it to be a heavy game.

01. 5 Nations, 2000 Players dueling in endless war.
02. Dynamic Castle Siege

Supreme Warfare with Power and Politics.

03. Your Pran, Your Soulmate.
Maximized Game system

In house development made colossal warfare possible Stellar Graphics Basic PC requirements (Pentium3)

Adventures made more entertaining with diverse game features

Squad System - Maximum of 24 players can form a group to increase the chance to survive the war and raid. Item System - Collect “Recipes” to gain unique items

Community System

A user friendly interface Auction System: Efficient item trading Messenger: Chat with players from different nations Aitan Network: Forge alliances towards 1 goal.