Part 1. We removed theirrelevant aspects!

We want Aika to be enjoyed by everyone; unlike others.
we don’t want it to be a heavy game.

1. 5 Nations, 2000 Players dueling in endless war.
2. Dynamic Castle Siege Supreme Warfare with Power and Politics.
3. Your Pran,Your Soulmate.
4. Maximized Game system
In house development made colossal warfare possible Stellar Graphics Basic PC requirements (Pentium3)
5. Adventures made more entertaining withdiverse game feafures
Squad System – Maximum of 24 players can form a group to increase the chance to survive the war and raid.

ltem System – Collect “Recipes’ to gain unique items
6. Community System
A user friendly interface Auction System: Efficient item trading Messenger: Chat with players from different nations Elter Network: Forge alliances towards 1 goal.

Part 2. A maelstrom of endless war. War of Nations among 1000 vs 1000

Online game battles used to be street fights.Now you can experience the ultimate warfare among 5 nations.

Only One nation will dominate
Marvelous Rewards(Use Honor Points & Medals to acquire unique items)

Part 3. Fight along your allies butbe aware of deception.Don’t ever let your guard down

Power is not enough; to win, you need strategy and politics Mastery of war fare.

1. Held at the great field of Crac des Chavaliers
2. Up to 16 alliances engaged in battleto be Lord Marshall
3. The Lord Marshall reigns over the nation.

Part 4. Pran! will always be with you.

lts personality and appearance are affected by your actions. Enjoy raising Pran!

lt evolves from fairy, child to a teenager.Characteristics changes as it evolves
lt will take one of 3 skills and either 6 of the personalities depending on how she was raised.
Enjoy the conversations and its reactions
lt provides extra inventory space and alsocustomize its looks.