Aitan Network

Use the Aitan Network to search for other players with same goals and form a Party.It is very useful in forming a Party to clear instant dungeons, quest and participate in Warfare.

* Click Community > Aitan Network within the game.

You can register up to 50 friends. Once you add, you can see your friend’s job, level, nation and channel.

How to Form/Join a Party

Maximum of 6 members can form a Party. There are 3 different ways you can invite a member;
1) Right click on the character and send the invitation.
2) Type in “+” plus character name [+character name] in the chat window.
3) Right click on the character name displayed in the chat window.

Right click on the Party Information interface to withdraw or dissolve the Party. You can also remove a member or delegate the Party Leader position.

1) A member can withdraw from the party anytime.
2) Party Leader can dissolve the party.
3) Party Leader can remove a member.
4) Party Leader can delegate his/her position to any member.

Party Information

Click the “Party Info” menu on the Party UI to modify the Party configuration (Party Leader Only).

How to Form/Join a Squad

Squad is an alliance of Parties. Maximum of 4 Parties, total of 24 members, can form a Squad and it is very useful in fighting strong monsters and in Warfare.

Only a Party Leader can form a Squad by inviting another Party Leader. Right click on the character (Leader of another Party) to invite.

Establish a Legion
[Requirement in establishing a Legion]
– Above level 10 character
– Registered as Citizen
– Formed a Party of 6 (Including the founder)
– No member of the Party belongs to another Legion
– 50,000 Gold?
* Members of the Party will automatically belong to the newly established Legion.
[How to establish a Legion]
Go to Legion administrator NPC, Fidel O`Brian.
[Information and Limitations]
Only 127 Legions can be established in one Nation.

Legion Information is renewed at 11 AM every day. So if you delete your Legion after 11 AM, you have to wait until the next day if you want to establish a new Legion, after the information is renewed.

Enter the name of the Legion. Maximum length is 16 characters.

[Legion Information Window]
1Legion Information Window
2Detailed Information
3Go to registered Legion website.
– Register/modify Legion’s website/blog URL in the Legion Information
4Alliance Information
– Check for list of allies and form alliances.
5Authority Configuration
– Configure authority level
– Only Legion Master has the access
How to Invite

Any member of a Legion can invite a character with no affiliated Legion. Right click the name of your friend in the Friend List to invite to your Legion.

How to Withdraw/Dissolve
Any member can withdraw from the Legion at any time. Right click your character in the member list on the Legion Information and click Withdraw.
Legion Master can dissolve the Legion any time. Right click your character in the member list on the Legion Information and click Dissolve.
Member Management
*Only the Master or a member with the authority can remove a member.
2Modify Level
*Only the Master can modify level of a member.
The Master can delegate his/her position to any member of the Legion. After delegation, Master becomes a ordinary member.

Upkeep is a weekly tax payable by all Legions and, if not paid, Legion can be dissolved. Upkeep is automatically withdrawn from Legion Warehouse every week between 23:59 PM Saturday to Sunday 1:10 AM.

[Upkeep Rate]
* Extension period for Upkeep payment for each level varies. If the payment is not made on or before the deadline, corresponding Legions will be dissolved/deleted.
[Extension Period & Penalty]
– Once the payment is overdue and extension period is applied, no new Legion member can be registered while withdrawal is allowed.
– During extension period, existing Legion Quests can be cleared but no Legion Points will be awarded.
– During extension period, Legion Points will not be accumulated.
Legion Quests

Legion can level up to 5. Depending on the level, maximum no. of member varies. A Legion member can purchase “Legion Task Order” from Fidel O`Brian and start a Legion Quest. By completing a Legion Quest, corresponding character will receive EXP, Gold and increase Legion level.

[How to Purchase]
– There is no limitation in purchasing a “Legion Task Order”. However, you have to be a member of a Legion for you to purchase it.
– “Legion Task Order” can be traded between characters.
[How to Use]
– Purchased “Legion Task Order is placed in the Inventory. Right click to use.
– Each quest required certain level.
– “Legion Task Order” gives out quests randomly. The quest title and details will not be known unless the item is used.
– Only one quest is allowed at a time.
[How to Complete]
– If you give up a quest, corresponding quest is removed from the quest list and the item is consumed.
– Rewards will be given automatically upon completion of the quest.