Regenshein is the place where the Great Prophet Giovanni took a refuge from the chaos and opened the age of sky. During the age of land, Regenshein was referred to as Rubesheim. Regenshein has been the capital of Lakia for three centuries and is the political, military, and economy center of Lakia. Lakia Congress Hall, the backbone of Lakia’s government, is located in Regenshein as well. The ruler of Lakia, marshal, has his fortress ‘Crac des Chevaliers’ floating in the sky of Regenshein.

Temple of Ursula

When the Temple of Ursula prospered, it used to be a bustling, lively place occupied by potion merchants and many famous sacred treasures. The temple was also the host place for ‘Sky Elevation Day’, the biggest festival of the islands in the sky held on May 30th. However, with Balavan taking over the establishment, the Temple of Ursula has since been a restricted area where only the personnel approved by the congress and mages of GVT can access.

Verband means alliance. During the first days of the age of sky, Verband meant a mutual farm of the Regenshein citizens. However, as the Amarkand area in the north became deserted, the incident also affected Verband, turning the area into only a farm area formed around four large farms. Most quality farm products harvested from the area are consumed in Regenshein, but due to frequent attacks of monsters lately, farm area is decreasing everyday. The incident has become one of the main troubles the congress is dealing with today.

Amarkand used to be a fertile farming area around Sabrina Lake along with Verband. However, after the return of Zerecas, the collision between the dark energy and facion devastated the area. Due to contortion of the dimension, everything in the land started to get sucked into the sky. The mages of GVT created four magic squares around Amarkand to control the phenomenon. Today, Amarkand is restricted from access for civilians. Only guards can enter the area. Amarkand is also known as the main stage for club dread’s activities.

Amarkand Devil

It is a place where sacred treasures are stored and only Great Prophet and Marshal can enter. Generally, up to 5 sacred treasures can be stored and the security is tight to prevent theft by enemy.

Hekla Cave

Hekla Cave, the pathway that connects Ingrid Fall to Ship Evgenia under the ground, is further affected by the dark energy of Zerecas than the Amarkand area protected by magic squares. For that reason, Hekla Cave is a home to monsters with strong dark energy. The cave is also the residence for one of Jerennises, the disciples of Zereca, Gressil.

The most strategically important location in Lakia connected to all areas in Lakia. Halperin Three-Forked Road is also where Tiamat, the gate to another dimension, is located in. Endless battles pursue around Tiamat.

Tiamat Gate

Tiamat Gate serves as portal connecting different nations. If your character dies in foreign nation, your character will be revived here.

L’enfer means ‘hell’. Originally, L’enfer used to be referred to as Holgado Mine after the owner of the Facion mine. After cruel angels devastated the mine to stop the people of Lakia from obtaining facions, the mine was closed and given its today’s nickname, ‘hell’. L’enfer has two different mine zones, mining area 1 and 2.

Abandoned Mine L’enfer1

Abandoned Mine L’enfer2

L’enfer Mining Area 2 was a mine dug in to obtain more facions. However, the mine came across the unstable volcanic areas of Mt. Hessen and became closed due to toxic gases that filled up the mine. The disciple of flame, Apophis, who’s a Jerennis, entered the Mining Area 2 and made the mine even more difficult for regular monsters or creatures to live in. Compared to 1 Mining Area conquered by Malik, only a little is known about Mining Area 2. The congress army is not even attempting to organize a team to take back Mining Area 2.

When the age of sky begun, Fritz Sigmund, the leader of the Cahills, was forced to retreat to Mirza Forest by forces of Giovanni. As he relocated his base to the area, the area started to be referred to as the Desert of Sigmund. The area is the only place in Lakia that still carries signs of the Cahills and also a home to powerful monsters who are used to living in a rough environment.

Sigmund Devir

It is a place where sacred treasures are stored and only Great Prophet and Marshal can enter. Generally, up to 5 sacred treasures can be stored and the security is tight to prevent theft by enemy.

A mountain located in the northwest of the area. The tallest mountain within the area and is also the starting point for Lakia Mountains.

The place was a home to the small group of last Kahills who traveled to Sigmund Desert. After hundreds of years today, the site only carries the traces of the past. The area had water just like the oasis in the past, but there is no water anymore. Even the houses of the time were knocked down by sand blown by the wind. Only destroyed pillars and the remnants of the buildings exist in the area today.

Kahill Devir

It is a place where sacred treasures are stored and only Great Prophet and Marshal can enter. Generally, up to 5 sacred treasures can be stored and the security is tight to prevent theft by enemy.

Basilan is located in the northwestern border of Lakia. Surrounded by Hessen Canyon, the city is in the perfect environment for defense. With stable geography, the village is being developed into the base for people who go down to the land to bring Facions to the sky. Basilan planned to become the second biggest city in Lakia after Regenshein and is undergoing many development processes in a short period of time.

The forest used to be called Mirza Forest until the east part of the forest was set on fire due to the cunning stratagem of new Sahrar Ungor. As the east part of the forest was burned down, the west part of the forest under the control of Ungor started to be called as Ungor’s Forest. In the southwest of the forest, teleport altar is located. The teleport altar is the gate to the air garden, a sacred area for the Mirzas. In the southeast of the forest is Anantor, the home of Mirzas

Mirza`s Air garden

After Mirzas get old, they use a portal to go to the air garden and spend rest of their lives there. The air garden is known as the place where Mirzas are granted eternal life and also a place created by ‘Scinic’ who is praised by Mirzas as the god. Before, Mirza’s Air Garden could only be entered by those who were granted access by Sahrar. However, there is a rumor that new Sahrar Ungor often enters this place with his royal guards.

The Ashes Forest used to be a forest larger than the forest in the west before the Ninth Unit of the congress military set the forest on fire to defeat the former Sahrar of Mirzas. Because of the incident, Mirzas and humans are in a tense situation, seeing each other with hostility. Now only a forest of burned down woods and ashes, Ashes Forest is turning into a land of corrosion filled with enraged spirits and ghosts of the forest.

Mirza Devir

Devir created by Mirzas to store their sacred treasures but used by humans today after the 09 Company took it away from them.