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Regenshein is the place where the Great Prophet Giovanni took a refuge from the chaos and opened the age of sky. During the age of land, Regenshein was referred to as Rubesheim. Regenshein has been the capital of Lakia for three centuries and is the political, military, and economy center of Lakia. Lakia Congress Hall, the backbone of Lakia's government, is located in Regenshein as well. The ruler of Lakia, marshal, has his fortress 'Crac des Chevaliers' floating in the sky of Regenshein.

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Temple of Ursula

When the Temple of Ursula prospered, it used to be a bustling, lively place occupied by potion merchants and many famous sacred treasures. The temple was also the host place for 'Sky Elevation Day', the biggest festival of the islands in the sky held on May 30th. However, with Balavan taking over the establishment, the Temple of Ursula has since been a restricted area where only the personnel approved by the congress and mages of GVT can access.

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