War of Nations started as each nation tried to posses Holy Treasures. It is told that AIKA used these Holy Treasures before being sealed away and these emit powerful and holy auras.


To initiate War of Nations, you have to travel to another nation, seize the Holy Treasure and place it in your nation’s treasure chest. Each nation keeps its treasure at Devir.

[Break Point – Tiamat]
It is located at the center of Halperin Three-forked Road and is the portal to other nations.
Holy Treasures are kept in four places; Amarkand, Sigmund Desert, Kahill Archaeological Site and Mirza Forest. The place the Holy Treasures a kept are called Devir.

Guardian Stones surround the chest where Holy Treasure is kept. To get close to the chest, you have to destroy all Guardian Stones. You cannot open the chest if any one of Guardian Stones is still intact.

[Characters Carrying a Holy Treasure]
A character cannot carry more than one Holy Treasure. While carrying a Holy Treasure, character is limited to use certain skills and item. If the character attempts to use limited skill/item or dies, the Holy Treasure will be dropped.
(Limited Skills/Items: Camouflage skills such as Hiding and Return Scrolls)
Once a new Holy Treasure is placed in the chest, stabilization will be initiated. During the stabilization, newly placed Holy Treasure is protected safely and cannot be taken out for certain period.
Stabilization time varies for each Holy Treasure, average of 2 to 6 hours.
[Return Time]
From the moment a Holy Treasure is taken out of a chest, clock starts ticking. If it is not placed in a chest within the time limit, it will be returned to the chest where it was taken out.
This means that if the Return Time of a Holy Treasure is 60 minutes, you have to place it in the chest located in your Nation within the time limit or it will be returned to its original place.
Holy Treasure provides benefit to all citizens of the nation where it is kept. You can check the detail by clicking Devir mark on the World Map.

Click on the Devir mark on the Worl Map for details.

[Legacy of AIKA – Information on Undiscovered Holy Treasures]
It is told that there are undiscovered Holy Treasure and these are rarely found in Instant Dungeons. Holy Treasures found in Instant Dungeons are unstable and sealed. These cannot be placed in the Devil right away. To break the seal, you have to clear related Quests and bring it to Moa Antar at the Regenshein.
If you find an undiscovered Holy Treasure and place it in your Nation after breaking its seal, stabilization period of 3 days will be given.