AIKA Service Guidelines

1. Description of AIKA Service Guidelines

This document will serve as the general or basic rules and guidelines that customers of this game will follow and GMs (Game Masters) have a thorough knowledge thereof.

The AIKA team will state the following guidelines for the players to read and understand. Should there be any case not stated in these guidelines then the GMs shall have full discretion and authority in resolving such issues.

The AIKA Operations Policy may be changed at any time without prior notice to the users. The user shall be held responsible for checking for any changes to the policies. If the user continues to use the service after we post changes to these Terms of Use, then they are signifying their acceptance of the new terms.

2. Users Obligation and Rights
Duties of the Customer

The users are required to read and understand the guidelines, conditions, and follow policies that govern the game in order to have a balanced and orderly game community. If they fail to fully understand the policies, then they shall be held fully responsible for any consequences that may occur.

The user needs to immediately report game errors and other game play issues and submit them to the GMs. The users should not pass this information to other users through any means in order to avoid the abuse of such bugs and errors.

Account security, whether it is password protection, running virus checks, disabling file sharing, disabling third-party programs, or any other means of safeguarding your accounts, is the sole the responsibility of the account owner. Sharing sensitive account details such as login information to other users (account sharing) is heavily discouraged and registered users are responsible for any actions done by those they shared the account to. Users are to be held responsible for their own accounts. Furthermore, accounts that have been shared may be denied support.

Any and all non-game related trades are strictly prohibited. A list of possible violations and sanctions can be found on this link (Sanctions and Violations).

Players are obliged to respond to any GM’s inquiries and requests in-game or through Q&A.; The cooperation of the players is highly desirable. Please note though that GMs will never ask for your username and password. Also, please avoid inputting account passwords on any form of communication with GMs or support as this may compromise account security.

Players sending inquiries through our Q&A; section (if deemed necessary) need to send us complete and authentic information regarding their account. In case there are anomalies or discrepancies regarding the account information then certain requests such as those that require the submission of accurate user information may not be processed (e.g. hack cases).

Rights of Customers

In the event that a user experiences events that causes negative effects to the user’s gaming experience (including bugs), then he/she has the right to report such incidents to our customer support for consultation.

Players may ask for in-game assistance for consultation depending on the severity of the situation. They can contact the GM through mail inquiry or through

3. GMs’ Role

This section provides an overview of the duties and responsibilities that GMs have for the users of AIKA’s service.

  • The GM’s main role is to ensure that the users have a safe and enjoyable gaming experience. GMs shall be impartial in their interactions with the users and shall show no preference for any player, faction, legion, nation, or anything else. Everyone is to be treated equally by the GMs.
  • GMs will not provide users with any items, currency, or services unless these are a part of an official event or as otherwise outlined in our service guidelines.
  • The gaming conditions are multifaceted and unpredictable due to the users all being from different cultures. Conflicts may happen because of these differences and thus the GMs serve as mediators in order to solve any issues that may arise.
  • GMs, Support, or other T3fun personnel may not provide sensitive information regarding another player or their registered accounts. Also, information regarding investigations and similar processes may not be released to players as these may compromise future investigations and other cases.
  • GMs will never, under any circumstances, ask for your password. Please avoid giving account passwords to anyone, including GMs and Support.
4. Game Master Interaction Policy

This section details how players are supposed to behave when interacting with GMs or any other personnel of T3FUN.

These are unacceptable behavior when interacting with GMs or other T3FUN personnel.

  • Impersonating a GM or other T3FUN personnel.
  • Defrauding or Attempting to Defraud a GM or other T3FUN personnel.
  • Disobeying or Ignoring GM Instructions.
  • Harassing GMs or other T3FUN personnel through any means.
  • Excessive use of Abusive Language towards the GMs or other T3FUN personnel.
5. Naming Policy

Our policies regarding character, pran, legion, and all other names applicable in-game and in our forums are outlined here. Should a name violate any of our rules, then our sanctions outlined below shall apply.

Please note that GMs shall not entertain name change requests.

Accounts, characters, and guild names shall be found in violation of the Policy if the names chosen have been determined to fall under the following categories:

5.1 Racism

Names that would direct prejudice or animosity, or have negative connotations against people who belong to other races, ethnicities, or nationalities.

5.2 Sexuality and Sexual Orientation

Names that reference sexual body parts or acts, or have any negative sexual connotations including those about people’s sexual orientation.

5.3 Religious Issues

Names that have negative religious connotations and names those are about major religious figures.

5.4 Extreme Violence and Crime

Names that reference violent real-life acts or crimes.

5.5 Obscene/Vulgar/ Inappropriate

Names that portray sexually explicit material, inappropriate reference to human anatomy, reference to illegal drugs or activities, or names that would be inappropriate in the gaming community.

5.6 Harassing or Defamatory

Names that insultingly refer to AIKA Personnel, other players, or other people in game or in real life.

5.7 Advertising

Names that promote businesses, websites, organization, and products that are not related to AIKA.

6. Q&A; Consultation

Q&A; requests can be done through AIKA website, email, and in-game with a GM. There will be instances that players need to submit certain information to verify certain account or user details if it is deemed necessary. Please note that any AIKA personnel will NEVER ask for your password.

6.1 Website Q&A; Consultation

Customers can expect to receive one on one support with our AIKA Support team

Customers may expect an answer regarding their inquiries except for Hack, Scam, and Lost item cases which need further information to be processed. For duplicate inquiries, only the latest ticket regarding the issue in question may receive a response.

6.2 Hack, Scam, Lost Item Cases

Hack, Scam, and Lost Item cases need users to submit required account information for verification and case details to Customer Support. This may take a few days upon initial submission of information, or possible longer, before case resolution. Please see the next section for more information about our policies regarding such cases.

6.3 In-Game Consultation

After logging in to our Customer Support live-chat, you may need to wait for a GM to assist you. For inquiries about most game play related issues the player can expect an immediate answer. In cases of Hack, Scam, and Lost items case the player will need to go to our Customer support to file his/her case for proper processing.

7. Possible Game Play Scenarios

This section details our policies regarding various scenarios that may occur and affect our users while using our services. Also, for brevity’s sake, characters (especially when traded via the Mercenary Ticket system) shall also be treated similar to in-game items. This includes accidental item disposal, scam cases, and hack cases.

7.1 Item Disposal

7.1.1 The user is responsible for any mistake that they have made and thus any item that has been deleted by accident may be deemed ineligible for restoration.

7.1.2 The players are responsible for whatever amount they set when selling their items in their personal shops, auction house, and item trades. Any mistake that players make shall not be eligible for retrieval or restoration by the GMs.

7.2 Scam Cases

The word “scam” means to intentionally mislead others hence, in the gaming community, scamming is the deliberate misleading other players for personal gain. Players are required to thoroughly check all their transactions in order to avoid being scammed.

7.2.1 Scamming through impersonation of known personalities, other players, and GMs shall be processed if scam victims have submitted evidence of such an act. (Screen shots of the scam together with the chat log would greatly aid in the investigation.)

7.2.2 Trading and auto trading in which scammers place gold amounts lower than the required amount. Players are required report the event immediately. (Screen shots of the scam together with the chat log would greatly aid in the investigation.)

7.2.3 Real money trades are prohibited; therefore cases of scamming through real money transactions will not be entertained.

7.2.5 Scammers will be sanctioned accordingly. Depending on the severity of the damage dealt to the victimized account, several days of suspension, up to a permanent suspension may be applied as a sanction. Items, gold, equipment, and anything else gained from the illegal activity and multiple other items, gold, and/or equipment may be removed from the benefiting accounts. Gold and item(s) involved in the case may be returned for first time victims, though restoration may be denied depending on the investigation results. Scammed items may be returned in succeeding situations if the scamming incident occurred through due to a proven bug in the game system.

7.3 Hack Cases

Is defined as illegal or unauthorized accessing of other player’s accounts in order to steal, delete, or waste items, gold, honor points, or any other virtual property, jeopardize any facet of the original user’s account such as deleting characters and guilds, or participating in any other action that is detrimental to that user’s account and/or person. Offenders may be sanctioned with a permanent suspension.

Hack cases are very sensitive issues and are processed with utmost care. The users are held liable for the security of their accounts and are expected to never share their passwords and PIN, not even to GMs. Always remember that GMs will never ask for your password.

Should any player find out that they were hacked, they should immediately submit a report to the GMs. The guidelines for reporting are outlined in our “Processing of Reports” section below.

Users shall be granted a 1 week grace period after their discovery of the hacking to report their case. Reports of hacking after that amount of time may be denied support. Also, not all items/in-game currency/deleted characters or data may be eligible for restoration.

Our policies on specific cases are outlined below:

7.3.1 Impersonating GM characters
The GMs will never ask for your password, either in-game or through email. Should you find anyone asking for such sensitive account information, then it is advisable that they be reported to us immediately. Please include detailed and unedited screenshots/videos as evidence of the activity.

7.3.2 Purchased or Traded Account
Accounts that were obtained from other players through illegal trades shall not be entertained in case they get hacked. Furthermore, accounts purchased using real money or in-game gold, items, and even other accounts may be permanently suspended.

7.3.3 Shared Accounts
For everyone’s security we highly prohibit the sharing of accounts. If the investigation shows that the account of the hack victim is shared then the case will be disregarded and restoration requests may be denied. Users are responsible for the security of their accounts and for any actions have been done by those they shared their accounts to.

7.3.4 Illegally Purchased Accounts
Accounts that once belonged to another player which were purchased by the current user through any means may be denied services regarding hack cases. Furthermore, accounts purchased using real money or in-game gold, items, and even other accounts may be permanently suspended.

7.3.5 Using 3rd Party Applications
This section details our policies regarding the use of applications not authorized by the game or its publisher. Applications such as Bot tools, speed hacks and the like are strictly prohibited. Players found to use such software shall receive heavy sanctions.

7.3.6 Sanctions for Hackers
Account hackers who were proven to have hacked another player’s account shall be permanently suspended. Any account involved with the hacker which contains, or once contained hacked items may also be permanently suspended.

7.4 Payment and Billing Issues

This section includes most activities in purchasing and receiving Tcoins and other similar website and in-game assets. Users who have inquiries about the billing system, received errors, or have any other issues while purchasing and/or receiving Tcoins shall need to contact customer support for assistance as soon as possible.

Payment and billing issues which occurred and were not reported for over 6 months may be disregarded

7.4.1 Chargeback scam
Chargeback scam is when the user purchases products or services and attempts to get a refund or chargeback even though they have received said products or services. Any user who is suspected to have or have committed chargeback scams shall be permanently suspended.

7.4.2 Credit Card Fraud
Credit Card Fraud is defined as any form of theft, fraud, or any other illegal transactions using a credit card or any similar forms of purchase and payment. T3Fun Reserves the right to block any account, and beneficiary accounts suspected of credit card fraud. Credit card fraud is punishable by a permanent ban and whatever rules apply to that user’s county of origin.

7.5 Relic Trading and Relic Stuffing

Relic trading is the premeditated use of any unregistered national alliance, and/or members of, to remove a relic to prevent hostile nations from possessing it. This includes using a character from a hostile nation to pull a relic so it can be purposely recovered and passed to an allied nation and rebound

Relic stuffing is placing less than optimal relics in key temples with the intent to harass citizens of that nation.

Relic trading is a sanctionable offense and should be reported with sufficient evidence of the act and should show ill-intent.
As for stuffed relics, the Lord Marshall or an Archon of a nation may request removal of the relic through the use of the Mail Inquiry system.

7.6 Game Abuse

Abusing any bugs or game systems to cause an unfair advantage over other players may be considered as a sanctionable offense depending on the severity of the issue. Each of these is handled on a case-to-case basis and depending on the severity of abuse; the proper action or sanction shall be applied.

8. Providing Service

This section details what services the GMs are allowed to provide for the players. The GMs duties include answering player inquiries, generating enjoyable events for the users, and settle player disputes if necessary.

8.1 Consultations

GMs and Customer Service personnel shall entertain player’s questions regarding various topics about the gameplay, events, policies, or anything else about AIKA. T3fun Personnel shall not divulge any personal information about themselves or any third party.

Furthermore, T3fun personnel may not disclose details regarding investigations or the investigation processes as the information may compromise future cases.

GMs shall address player’s questions through live chat, in-game, email, or in real life events if applicable.

8.2 In-game, Forum, Real-life, and Other Events

GMs shall inform players of upcoming events through in-game announcements, forums, website, email, or through other forms of media.

GMs shall moderate and facilitate events in-game, forums, or in real life.

8.3 Player Disputes

8.3.1 GMs or any other AIKA Personnel shall not interfere with player disputes and conflicts unless:

  • The parties involved use inflammatory language with negative racial, ethnic, national, religious, sexual, pornographic, or simply vulgar connotations.
  • There is spamming and/or trolling through public forms of chat.
  • There is GM or other player impersonation.
  • There are false accusations and falsifying information.
  • There is use of illegally accessed accounts.
  • There is harassment

8.3.2 GMs may intervene in player disputes if deemed necessary.

8.4 Ensure a Safe and Enjoyable Game Environment

GMs shall monitor the game world to ensure that all aspects of the game are fair for all.
The GMs shall patrol the game world in order to remove abusive players who use illegal or unauthorized means to gain an unfair advantage in the game. These include bot users, speed hack users, and other such persons.

GMs shall also place sanctions on abusive players that cause harm to others in the game. Cases of abuse or harassment includes, but is not limited to, cases such as spawn camping, using mobs to cause harm to players, etc. For such cases, proper evidence which also shows ill-intent is necessary for reporting. Each case shall be judged accordingly and proper action will be taken.

Should the evidence be insufficient/ineligible/fabricated, etc., or if the act done is deemed not severe enough to warrant punishment, then the reported suspect shall not receive any sanctions.

9. Processing of Reports

This section details what steps users should take when they are reporting hack, scam, or lost item cases.

Hack cases, Scam cases, and lost items

  1. 1. Use the Mail Inquiry feature in the AIKA website or send an e-mail to to file a report about the hack, scam, or lost item case.
  2. 2. The customer service representative shall ask for certain required information to process your hack, scam, or lost item case.
    • Please make sure that you are logged on to the correct website
    • GMs and other Customer service personnel shall never ask for your password.
  3. 3. Players shall receive an update in approximately 24-48 hours. Such time is necessary to conduct a proper investigation of the case at hand. More severe or complex cases, however, may take a longer time before completion.
  4. 4. For most cases, including harassment, the reporting players shall not be informed of any actions (such as suspensions) done against reported suspects in order to preserve the suspects’ privacy.
10. Recovery

These are our policies regarding the recovery of items and characters for various situations. Depending on the case, certain items or gold may not be restored. Our policies regarding most common cases are outlined here.

10.1 Equipment

Weapons, armors, accessories, and other gear may be returned but any refinements and enchantments made to the equipment may not be recovered.

10.2 Gold

GM’s may return the gold for each character in the account. The gold returned will be based on the logs and players’ amount estimation.

10.3 Items

Consumable items may not be restored, with the exception of premium consumable items. (e.g. NPC-bought potions and pran food)

Characters, especially those traded via the mercenary ticket system, are also considered as “items” and may be offered restoration depending on the case.

Items like C-type Pellurites and Rubicines and Enchantment Crystals may be restored.
Below C-type Pellurites and Rubicines, as well as Auralars and Athlons cannot be restored to the players.

Quest items shall not be restored. These can be regained by abandoning their corresponding quests and reacquiring those quests. Only quest items unattainable by using the method stated shall be restored.

10.4 Cash Shop Items/ Premium Items

Premium items that the user has purchased and have not used before the incident may be restored, including premium consumable items. This does not, however, include items accidentally deleted, although exceptions can be made depending on the GMs’ discretion.

10.5. Bank Items

Items inside the bank may be restored unless otherwise stated. Please refer to section 10.3 to 10.4.

10.6 Character Deletion

On the event of character deletion due to hack cases, the deleted character(s) may be restored.
Character levels will be restored. The player’s prans as well as its corresponding levels may be restored. All items and equipment inside the pran inventory may be restored unless otherwise stated in sections 10.3 and 10.4.

In case the character and pran names of deleted characters have already been taken, the player is required to submit a new character and pran name for restoration. Also, depending on the case, certain data of the characters/pran may be unavailable for restoration.

10.7 Scam Cases

10.7.1 Equipment
Weapons and Armor may be returned with their original reinforcement and enchantments provided there is enough evidence to support the scam case, however as each incident is investigated and processed individually, restorations may be denied in certain cases. Unedited screenshots or videos of the entire deal may be needed as evidence for these cases.

10.7.2 Items and Gold
Items and gold may be returned provided there is enough evidence to support the scam case. Unedited screenshots or videos of the entire deal may be needed as evidence for these cases.

10.8 Item lost due to technical Issues

Items and equipment lost due to server technical issues may be restored depending on the severity of the incident. Non-consumable items/refining/enchantment may be restored.

11. Real Money Trades

Real money trading is when a player exchanges real money, or other similar tangible or intangible assets for in-game items or in-game currency. Real money is defined here as currency, tangible or intangible assets (such as game cards/codes). RMT counts as illegal trading, and is not supported by T3fun. Cases may be reported for investigation; however restorations may need to be denied. Players are advised to transact at their own risk.

12. Submissions Policy

Any and all materials submitted to T3FUN through any and all possible means shall become the sole property of the company. T3FUN shall own exclusive rights, including all forms of intellectual property rights, to submitted material and shall have unrestricted use of these for any purpose, whether commercial or otherwise, without any acknowledgment or any form of compensation to their original creators.

13. Violations and Sanctions

The table below lists in-game violations and their specific sanctions. This is to discourage and prevent abusive and harmful behavior in-game.

Such sanctions shall only be given provided that there have been enough evidence to merit punishment. If the evidence is insufficient, then no sanction shall be given. Should there be any mistake in handing sanctions players are allowed to make an appeal for their defense.

Also, each incident is handled on a case-by-case basis. Depending on the evidence presented and the severity of the offense, differing sanctions may be given.

1st offense 2nd offense 3rd offense
Harassment cases (Includes LM Chat) Minor Profanities Warning 24hour chat block Permanent Ban
Major Profanities 24hour chat block 1 Week Ban Permanent Ban
Spamming 24hour chat block 1 Week Ban Permanent Ban
Racial, sexual,religious, derogatory remarks 24hour chat block 1 Week Ban Permanent Ban
Willful disturbance and interruption of another player’s gaming experience 3 days ban 1 Week Ban Permanent Ban
Inappropriate name Warning and request to delete character/pran/legion After 3 days, if player refuses to cooperate, account will be blocked
Trade Scam Cases Trade Deception From 1 week ban to Permanent Ban. Items/gold gained may be removed. Account Termination
Refusal to cooperate with GMs Includes speaking non-English language in Shout and Red Chat Warning 1 week ban 1 month ban
Illegal/Real Money Trades Trading accounts, items, gold for real money or in-game gold, items, or accounts. Denial of Support, and depending on severity, temporary to permanent suspension. Items/gold gained may be removed. Account Termination
Game/Bug Abuse Abuse of bugs and errors to gain an unfair advantage over other players. Sanction will depend on the severity of the case. Items/gold gained may be removed.
3rd Party Software Use of any 3rd party software like Bots or hacking programs. 1 week ban Permanent Ban
Impersonation Copying a GM name to deceive other players Permanent Ban
Using or imitating another player’s name to take advantage of or deceive other players. (E.g. LM, Archon, etc.) Warning 1 week ban Permanent Ban
Advertisements Advertising gold selling websites. Warning, up to Permanent Suspension for Illegal Advertisers 1 week ban Permanent Ban
Advertising illegal 3rd party programs. Warning, up to Permanent Suspension for Illegal Advertisers 1 week ban Permanent Ban
Advertising malicious websites Warning 1 week ban Permanent Ban
Posting non related forum advertisements. Warning and post deletion. Permanent Ban
Account Hacking/Unauthorized Access Unauthorized access of someone else’s account Permanent Ban
Credit Card Fraud / Charge Back Scam Billing issues Permanent Ban
Relic Trading and Stuffing Use of any character to pull and rebind relics to other nations in an illegal alliance.Use of any character to place less than optimal relics in key temples with the intent to harass citizens of that nation. 3-day to 1-month Ban depending on severity. Permanent Ban
False Reportin Reporting any fabricated incident for personal gain. 1 month Account Ban Permanent Ban
Other Cases Special cases that were not mentioned will have corresponding sanctions as deemed fit by the GMs.
Each incident is handled on a case-by-case basis. Depending on the evidence presented and the severity of the offense, differing sanctions may be given. Items, gold, and any other benefits from illegal activity may be removed from benefiting accounts. Further items or gold may be removed depending on the severity of the case.