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- If you have created a legion within the game, you can register legion crest here, and before registering,
check if there are similar crests being used by other legions from the list below.

- From the moment you register the crest, legion’s honor, community and also to reach different wars, you
will be able to enjoy something you could enjoy in a group which you will never enjoy alone.

Show your legion’s honor and crest!

What is a legion?

Currently Register Legion Crest

No. Legion Name Master’s Name Nation World Level Date
9 CoupDeGracE 0 Alethius Arcan 0
8 ThePettingZoo 0 Alethius Arcan 0
7 SolanoLobos 0 Alethius Arcan 0
6 BiggusPlebbus 0 Alethius Arcan 0
5 NEROKO 0 Ostyrion Arcan 0
4 THEUNTOUCHABLES 0 Lenaria Arcan 0
3 GuessTheGuild 0 Vanov Arcan 0
2 KiNDReD 0 Vanov Arcan 0
1 AKIRA 0 Ostyrion Arcan 0
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