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[11-11-2015] Overcore System Patch Notes

Date :
Nov 11, 2015
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1. Overcore System Update

Using the [Overcore] system, Cored level 90 unique items (Ruined/Mystic/Brilliant Heaven) that have been refined to +7 or better can be evolved into even MORE powerful equipment!

- You can obtain the Weapon/Armor Evolution Stones from Alchemist Isaac’s Repeatable quest in Regenshein. You will need Rank S Pellurites or Rubicines for the Stone you need.

- The Overcore System is available in Alchemist Isaac’s Menu. To prevent item destruction, you can use Extracts or Enriched Extracts (Superior Extracts cannot be used) during the Overcore Process.

- The Reinforcement, Enchantment, Skins, and Durability Values are carried over after using the Overcore System.

- The Overcored (Villainous Set) Equipment will have much better stats than the Cored (Mystic/Brilliant/Ruined) Heaven sets and will have an added Stun effect that can affect even invincible or Skill-Protected targets (Aika’s Grace, Divine Ward, etc.).

2. Conversion Core System Update

+7 Cored Level 80 Unique Equipment (Armageddon/Twilight/Life/Dawn) and Cored Level 85 Honor Equipment can be converted to Level 90 Heaven Set Equipment.

- The Conversion Cores can be obtained from Nick Yarsh’s repeatable quest in the center of Regenshein.

- Requirements: Shining Meteor Fragments (102x), Roots of Evil (124x), and Athlons (38x)

Using the Conversion Core:

The system works similar to the Core Augment System:

- You will need the necessary materials: The Conversion Core, the Equipment you want to convert, and Gold. You can add Rank S Extracts or Enriched Extracts if you want to improve the success rate (Pellurite Extracts for Weapons, Rubicine Extracts for Armor).

- Right-click the Conversion Core.

- Place the item in the UI.

- Add Extracts to increase the success rate.

- Refinement Rates WILL Decrease by around 3 points, Enchantments will be reset, and a new durability value will appear after you use the Conversion Core.


3. Ranking Dungeon Update

- The Dungeon will now have a 5th level full of boss monsters (they can also drop Rank Knight’s Potions).

- Difficulty increases after every stage cleared.

- Ranking Dungeon is Disabled when you have overlapping classes in a party.


4. Aitan Training Center Level Expansion and Medal Exchange Shop Renewal

Aitan Training Center will be expanded to levels 81-89.

[Training Center Reward [S]] is acquired by clearing all the 3 stages of the Training Center level 81~89.

[Aitan Training Center Medal x10] and [Training Center Certificate [S] x1] are acquired by right-clicking the [Training Center Reward [S]].

EXP of characters Lv. 81~90 increases by 5% after right-clicking the Training Center Certificate [S].

EXP amount acquired from Training Center Certificate from levels Lv. 51~80 will be changed.

The item for Lv. 51~60 that increases EXP by 50% will increase EXP by 100%.

The item for Lv. 61~70 and 71-80 will increase EXP by 50%.

Training Center Certificates acquired before the update (if you stockpile them in your inventory) will still work normally.


Aitan Training Center Medal Exchange Shop Changes:

Protection Armor of Infinity will be replaced with +7 Obsidian series.

Aitan Training Center Medal prices for those items will be halved.

No changes for Honor Medal Box, Concentrated Health Potion Box, and Concentrated Mana Potion Box.


5. Aitan Arena Entrance Level and Reward Item Renewal

Arena level brackets will be changed from [71~85 / 86~95] to [71~79 / 80~89 / 90~95].

Arena schedule Updated:

NEW Arena System Flow:

Players are moved to the central area after entering Arena.

The following setting will be applied during the first standby period (3 minutes) and players will be unable to know which team they will join.

---------①The number of participants will be hidden on entry.

---------②Chatting, party request, and skill use are disabled until a match starts.

---------③PVP is unavailable until the match starts.

---------④Team character names don’t appear and targeting characters is disabled.

---------⑤Names of the flag objects in both sides aren’t displayed and targeting is disabled.

Once the first standby period (3 minutes) ends and entrance request finishes, the second standby period (30 seconds) starts.

The following setting will be applied once the second standby starts.

---------①Players are moved to a starting area of their team.

---------②The number of participants are shown.

---------③Character names are changed to their team name.

---------④Chatting with team members and party invitation are enabled.

The match starts once the second standby period is over and the Arena proceeds as normal.


6. Others:

  1. Level Relics Returned: Holy Bag : Felice, Holy Bead : Nova, Holy Mug : Sanctus

  2. Battle Academy Restored

  3. Bug Fixes: Cleric Hats, Buff Text Issues, Megaphone [Event], etc.

  4. Polymorph Skill no longer cancels equipment stats.



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