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Cauchemar Update Patch Notes (April 1, 2014)

Date :
Mar 25, 2014
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Description: http://aika.t3fun.com/_GlobalData/Aika/Files/6/2014/3/25/download(1).png

Cauchemar Update 

New Features:

New Raid Dungeon: Cauchemar

3 New Level 90 Cored Unique Equipment

Level 85 Achievement Quests and Equipment

PvP Morrventra Accessory Sets

5th Anniversary Accessory Sets

 Updated features: 

4th hotkey expansion slots

New Nation Ranking Relic Bound Time System

Dungeon Daily Quests Update

Skill Updates


New Features: 

1. New raid dungeon Cauchemar

1-1. Dungeon Information

  Ø  New Raid Dungeon Added: Cauchemar.

  Ø  Intensely difficult Raid Dungeon where you need a minimum of 6 party members to enter!

  Ø  You can enter Cauchemar through the portal at La Conti, Hestia.


1-2. Dungeon Requirements: 

   Ø  Minimum number of party members for entry: 6

   Ø  Entry level: Lv. 86~90

   Ø  Recommended level: Lv. 90

   Ø  Entry cooldown time: Once a week (Resets Every Maintenance)*

*You may also reset the cooldown time using the Memory Poison item.

 1-3. Monster information

Dungeon Boss Name: Morrventra.

Ø  A powerful dungeon boss with extremely deadly attacks and skills.

Ø  Uses lethal poison and summons mobs (Mucus) which use vicious poison attacks.

Ø  Morrventra grows stronger as time passes, so eliminate him fast!


2. Three Kinds of Level 90 Unique Core Augments

2-1. Level 90 Unique Core Augments have been added.

Ø  There are 3 kinds of Level 90 unique gear core and the equipment will have different characteristic depends on what core augment is applied to the equipment.

 v  Mystic Red Core Augment:  Critical Enhancement

v  Brilliant Red Core Augment:  Attack/Skill Attack Enhancement

v  Ruined Red Core Augment:  Defense/Resistance Enhancement


2-2. How to acquire the New Core Augments

Ø  You can acquire them from the Cauchemar raid dungeon boss: Morrventra.


2-3. How to apply Core Augments

Ø  Note: When you upgrade your equipment with the core augments, there is a chance to succeed or fail. Using Extracts will increase your augmentation upgrade chances.

2-4. Images of Cored Set Equipment

Ø  Mystic Red Core Augmented Equipment 


Ø  Brilliant Red Core Augmented Equipment 


Ø  Ruined Red Core Augmented Equipment 

3. Level 85 Achievement Quest and Equipment

3-1. New Achievement quest and equipment are added for Level 81 users.

Ø  Players with Level 81 and above can start with the first achievement quest from Theletar Rigel at Regenshein.

Ø  Every part of the equipment set is scattered throughout Disceroa and you may acquire them by completing the daily quest.

 3-2. The Pioneers of Disceroa

A Legendary Team of Aitans, the pioneers of the Disceroa expedition, were lost in battle. Their equipment, powerful as the blazing fire, had been left behind as if waiting for the next worthy Aitan to wield them. Are you prepared? Roam the wasteland of Disceroa and complete the achievement quests to obtain the powerful Black Blaze equipment! 


3-3. Quest list

3-4. Reward Equipment

Description: http://aika.t3fun.com/_GlobalData/Aika/Files/6/2014/3/25/Untitled7.png


3-5. Reward Equipment Images (Black Blaze Set)

4. PvP Morrventra Accessories

Ø  Morrventra Accessories are specialized for PvP.

Ø  Morrventra has a small chance to drop the unique accessory recipes.

Ø  When you craft its DIY recipe, there is a small chance of obtaining the more powerful Awakened Morrventra Accessories. 

Description: http://aika.t3fun.com/_GlobalData/Aika/Files/6/2014/3/25/Untitled9.png
< Morrventra Accessory Set >


Description: http://aika.t3fun.com/_GlobalData/Aika/Files/6/2014/3/25/aw.jpg


< Awakened Morrventra Accessory Set >
*Stronger effects and has a Yellow Border.


5. 5th Anniversary Accessories (To Be Added Soon)

Ø  You can acquire 5th Anniversary randomly through completing the quest from Event NPC [Lilly]. The quest is temporarily disabled.

Description: http://aika.t3fun.com/_GlobalData/Aika/Files/6/2014/3/25/Untitled10.jpg




6. Dungeon Daily Quests Update

The Daily Quests can now be completed by Higher Level players and are no longer level locked!

Ø  Proof of Slaying Balavan (Daily) – From Theletar Giorgia in Zantorian Park. Gives 5 Potions of Speed when completed.

Ø Proof of Slaying Marquis (Daily) – From Theletar Achaen in Celestine Caverns. Gives 10 Portal Scrolls [Event] when completed.

Ø  Gressil Hunter’s Proof (Daily) – From Theletar Achaen in Celestine Caverns. Gives one Frozen Box [E] on completion.

Ø Malik Hunter’s Proof (Daily) – From Theletar Peralta in Lost Mines Resistance Base. Gives one Frozen Box [C] on completion.

Ø Seridunn Hunter’s Proof (Daily) – From Darden in Darkrane Forest’s Ascension Gate. Gives one Frozen Box [A] on completion.

Frozen Boxes have a small chance to give Morrventra Accessory Recipe Ingredients.


7. Skill Changes