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AIKA Zeelant Forest Patch Notes

Date :
Apr 22, 2015
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Description: http://aika.t3fun.com/_GlobalData/Aika/Files/1/2013/2/21/logo_aika_sma(2).png


[Zereka’s Conspiracy Chapter 2 – Zeelant Temple]


1. Zeelant Forest

2. Special Relic War

3. Level Extension and New Skills

4. New Honor Equipment

5. Prison Despero: Hell Mode


Zeelant Forest

  1. Zeelant Forest

    1. A new field, Zeelant Forest has been added. Quest line for the area starts from Otto von Schroder in Regenshein.

    2. You can enter Zeelant forest through 2 access routes. The first is near the Banzul’s hunting ground of Termes, and the second is near the entrance of Kynari Air Garden.

    3. New monsters and a new temple where a special relic appears will be added to that region.


  1. Synopsis


[The Zereca’s True Goal is…?]


One day, a roaring earthquake shook the land and shocked the people of Lakia.

“Is it a Zerecan invasion?!” people thought, but thankfully, it wasn’t.

At least, not yet.

Apaprently, a large region of Disceroa rose from the ground and attached itself to the land in the sky, Lakia. The Aitans explored the epicenter of the earthquake and found this brand new land full of Dispheron, as well as monsters first spotted in Disceroa.

Among the regions of Disceroa protected by brainwashed Aitans, one of them is a vast area called Zeelant Forest. Though the area had been completely destroyed when it joined with Lakia, a large pile of debris showed evidence of a building that appeared to be a Lead base. Like the colony connected to Regenshein, those who once inhabited the forest planned to send that forest up to Lakia and use the base to transfer their troops.

Fortunately, the base was completely destroyed by the impact of the land’s levitation and collision. The monsters within the forest are trying to restore the base, but their plans are consistently being interrupted by the Elite Aitans of Regenshein. In addition, a temple has been constructed to control the dark energy emanating from the Dispheron scattered in that new region. Thanks to the temple’s purification, Zeelant forest is now considered as a legitimate part of the land in heaven, Lakia.

However... a few seasoned Aitan commanders still sense something odd from the recent events. The Zereca would never send the Zeelant forest full of Dispheron if they want to prevent Lakia’s crash, and the newly constructed temple is showing signs of magic quite different from other temples.

The appearance of Zeelant forest may simply be the first part of a more sinister plot...