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Aitan Network

Use the Aitan Network to search for other players with same goals and form a Party.It is very useful in forming a Party to clear instant dungeons, quest and participate in Warfare.

* Click Community > Aitan Network within the game.

You can register up to 50 friends. Once you add, you can see your friend’s job, level, nation and channel.

How to Form/Join a Party

Maximum of 6 members can form a Party. There are 3 different ways you can invite a member;
1) Right click on the character and send the invitation.
2) Type in “+” plus character name [+character name] in the chat window.
3) Right click on the character name displayed in the chat window.

Right click on the Party Information interface to withdraw or dissolve the Party. You can also remove a member or delegate the Party Leader position.

1) A member can withdraw from the party anytime.
2) Party Leader can dissolve the party.
3) Party Leader can remove a member.
4) Party Leader can delegate his/her position to any member.

Party Information

Click the “Party Info” menu on the Party UI to modify the Party configuration (Party Leader Only).

How to Form/Join a Squad

Squad is an alliance of Parties. Maximum of 4 Parties, total of 24 members, can form a Squad and it is very useful in fighting strong monsters and in Warfare.

Only a Party Leader can form a Squad by inviting another Party Leader. Right click on the character (Leader of another Party) to invite.